"There has not been discussion on [a rematch between former UFC welterweight champions Matt Hughes (41-7) and "Terror” Matt Serra (9-6)]. I really thought all the talking was over after the fight," Hughes's manager Brian Patton told Fighters.com Monday night in response to an interview Serra gave to MMA Weekly Monday in which Serra called for a rematch.

In the excrutiatingly drawn out conclusion to The Ultimate Fighter 6, Serra lost a disappointing UD to Hughes at UFC 98 in Las Vegas 23 May.

"I do feel I won that fight," said Serra at MMA Weekly. "Or, at least I should have got the nod. If not, it's a draw and let's do it again."

Hughes is incommunicado on a hunting excursion, but Patton responded, "With respect, Matt Serra must not have watched the fight. Except for the inadvertent head butt, I am not sure if I remember Serra doing a lot except for the end of the third round. Maybe he meant he thought the first round was a draw. But, the fight was certainly not a draw nor did Matt Serra win. I have heard Matt [Hughes] talk about the fight and he does not think it was close either. I would say it was a good thing for Matt Serra that they did hit heads in the first round because that did the most damage of anything he did."

Serra told MMA Weekly, "I think we should do it again. Why not? I think it would be fun for everybody."

But, Patton told Fighters.com why not: "[Hughes] already beat [Serra]. What does fighting him again gain Hughes? It does not move him higher up in the rankings. I would not think that fighting [Serra] is in [Hughes's] plans. I see [Hughes] having a rematch with ["Pitbull" Thiago Alves (16-4)] or someone higher in the rankings."

A late replacement in the main event originally scheduled to pit Fighters.com's ninth-ranked light heavyweight "Iceman' Chuck Liddell (21-7) versus sixth-ranked "Shogun" Mauricio Rua (18-3), Hughes was TKO'd in the second round at UFC 85 in London in June 2008 by a bloated Alves who missed the 170-pound limit by four pounds.

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