It’s not uncommon for fighters to hype up bouts by delivering hyperbolic statements involving a desire to do opponents harm. However, there is typically a line many competitors refuse to cross pertaining to the actual life/death circumstances involved in physical combat.

Then again, Strikeforce bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey has always been about breaking down barriers.

Rousey recently spoke about her upcoming title-defense against Sarah Kaufman this weekend where she not only stated she planned to beat the former divisional queen but threatened to take it further than necessary depending on the job the athletic commission does.

“Kaufman might not know it, but she should be thanking her lucky stars that MMA is properly regulated in California,” said Rousey in an interview with MMAJunkie. “If I get her in an Armbar, I’m going to try to rip it off and throw it at her corner. If I get her in a choke, I’m going to hold on to it until she’s actually dead. And if I get a knockout, along the way I’m going to try to pound her face into the ground and she’s depending on the competence of the California (State) Athletic Commission to walk out of that cage alive.”

No word has surfaced from Strikeforce as to whether or not Rousey will be punished for her statement given the sensitivity of a subject like death in a budding business where safety is paramount to long-term success.

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Fortunately, Kaufman had a relaxed response to the indication Rousey might attempt to put her life in jeopardy, replying, “She’s going to show up to fight and she’s going to try to kill me, but that’s alright. At the end of the day, someone’s going to walk out with the belt, and I want that person to be me.”


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