The talk surrounding the possibility of UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre mixing it up with middleweight title-holder Anderson Silva has heated up in recent weeks based on some statements from both fighters’ teams in addition to UFC President Dana White speaking openly about the match-up. However, St-Pierre himself hasn’t bought into the hype and isn’t wasting energy thinking about a bout that may never happen.

St-Pierre explained his position recently where he made it clear his mind is only on things he can control, not fantasy fights.

Silva's Management Mention GSP for Legend's Next Fight

“It could happen of course. It definitely can happen, but for me, that's far ahead in time. Right now, I’m not thinking about that. I can't. My main thing right now is to get better, and then when I'm going to fight, to get ready to win the fight, what I need to do to win and beat the guy. I need to focus on one thing at a time,” said GSP in an interview with MMAFighting.

“You never know what's going to happen in the future,” the fan-favorite continued. “A lot of things can change. There are a lot of big fights coming up. Chris Weidman, I've seen him in training. He's at a different level. He can be world champion if he fights Anderson first. So, this fight is not written in blood. If all goes well and all the stars are aligned, yeah, maybe one day it will happen. But right now, I just came back and I need to fight Carlos Condit. We'll see what's going to happen next.”

“Rush” is currently recovering from a serious knee injury. The 31-year old is currently on target for a November return to the ring where he’ll face Condit, the interim welterweight champion.


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