It looks like the talk surrounding a possible match-up on December 29 between UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos and controversial challenger Alistair Overeem has all been for naught, as the Nevada Athletic Commission’s executive officer has spoken out to make it clear the devastating Dutchman is not in line to be licensed before December 27.

Overeem is currently ineligible for a license due to a drug test earlier this year revealing a high T:E ratio stemming from testosterone use. Recently he announced he was undergoing random screenings to establish trust from the NAC and hoped to be granted a conditional license in order to fight Dos Santos at the UFC’s annual year-end event.

“I see no way to do that. I know of none," explained Keith Kizer of Overeem's intended result in an interview with MMAFighting. "But even if the commission had some discretion to grant some waiver of time, I personally don't see this as the case. I'd be against that. There is some discretion at the commission level, but I don't think this is the case to use that discretion. This is not just a guy who engaged in cheating, but a guy who ran out the front door when the testing was being done."

Overeem Explains His Plan to Get Licensed Sooner than Later

Though chalked up by Overeem as a miscommunication, “The Demolition Man” is alleged to have left the premises in March when he and a group of other heavyweights set to compete were told they were being randomly drug tested.

The heavy-handed Overeem also recently stated he was set to meet with the NAC later this month to update them and inquire about his status, though Kizer denied any knowledge of the matter, saying, “That must be wishful thinking.”

For now, with Overeem unlikely to be ready by the end of 2012, it appears Cain Velasquez will indeed get the next title-shot as promised in May when he beat Antonio Silva.


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