There’s no question surrounding WWE Superstar CM Punk’s love of Mixed Martial Arts. A longtime fan of the sport, Punk actively trains jiu-jitsu when he schedule affords him the time, incorporates martial arts technique into his move-set, and is constantly offering up commentary on the latest goings on in the MMA world. In fact, Punk and fellow MMA fan Daniel Bryan incorporated the finish from a recent UFC title-fight into a bout on Monday Night RAW and Punk nearly walked UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen down to the Octagon for a recent fight against Michael Bisping.

However, while Punk has an affinity for MMA, his core values far outweigh the in-ring action he enjoys in his spare time. As such, when news broke this week that UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones had signed a deal with Nike, Punk was quick to address the matter though not in the congratulatory tone some might have expected.

"Let's reward more drunk drivers with endorsement deals,” exclaimed Punk sarcastically on Twitter, adding a hash-tag with the topic “responsibility” attached to it.

Jones was arrested earlier this year for drunk driving after crashing his car into a utility pole. He had two female passengers in the car as well who both received minor injuries as a result. “Bones” was recently sentenced for the infraction, paying a fine and having his license suspended rather than serving any jail time.

UFC Champion Jones Apologizes for DUI Incident

Punk has been a longtime spokesman for a “straight edge” lifestyle involving no drugs or alcohol.


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