UFC middleweight title-contender Vitor Belfort recently made it clear he would not fight at 185 pounds unless gold was up for grabs after being informed divisional king Chris Weidman would defend his belt against Anderson Silva in late December. However, Belfort is still open to an outing before the year closes and it looks like he has someone willing to accept the challenge.

A recent report on UFC Tonight mentioned Belfort’s interest in Chael Sonnen as a candidate. Sonnen, who serves as a co-host on the show, quickly fired back with an added caveat in case Belfort wasn’t serious about the showdown.

“Vitor, I accept. However, he has a title of number-one contender. If he’s willing to put that on line, not only will I fight him, but I’ll do it on December 28. Weidman defends his title, Ronda Rousey defends her title, and Vitor, you have a title and I want you to defend it against me.’”

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