UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva has pulled off some of the slickest stoppages in the history of the organization and wowed throughout his career with technique even when a finish wasn’t produced. While top contender Chris Weidman respects Silva’s accomplishments and abilities, he’s positive his own skill-set will do the trick when it comes to taking the title-holder out at UFC 162.

Weidman spoke to MMAJunkie about the match-up, assuring supporters he’s prepared for every scenario.

"There are no tricks. It just comes down to every day, no matter who you're going with or what you're doing, working as hard as you possibly can. I did that before this camp, and now I just did it a little smarter. But I still did the same thing: Every time I come in, I just work as hard as I can."

"I'm prepared for a full five-round absolute war with things going his way and against me, just so I can battle through it and show heart, almost show a Frankie Edgar-like heart.”

"I'm ready for that, but I'm also ready to take him down and submit him away. I'm ready to punch him in the face and knock him out. That would be ideal. But either way, a victory is good for me."


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