Quinton ”˜Rampage’ Jackson sent a message to entire MMA world when he knocked out Ricardo Arona at PRIDE: Critical Countdown. In a knockout that will live forever in the annals of MMA history, Arona laced up triangle choke around the neck of Rampage at about 7:30 into the round and it was clear that he was running out of options to get out of the choke. Jackson stood up and slammed Arona to the floor knocking him out cold to get the victory, and almost ten years later we are still talking about what an amazing knockout it was. In a recent interview, Jackson talked about the knockout, and what lead him to pick Arona up and drive him into the floor of the ring.

Jackson told Sherdog:

“Arona was a real tough guy, and if you go back and watch that fight, Arona was actually kicking my butt. He was kicking my ass, honestly.”

“He was giving me those mean leg kicks. If Arona would have kicked me in the leg one more time, I probably would have showed the pain and went down. ”¦ Out of all the fights I’ve ever been in, even the K-1 fight, Arona had the hardest kicks I ever felt in my life. He was kicking me right in the same spot over and over. He dislocated my jaw, and I went down to recover and to block the heel kicks and he told the referee I was knocked out. That pissed me off.”

“I just don’t think it’s fair if I lose my temper because honestly, I probably could have killed Arona if his head would have landed wrong, or I could have broke his neck, and that would have been on my conscience for the rest of my life. Thank God it only knocked him out and he was OK. That was the only time I ever lost my temper. I just hope I never lose my temper in a fight again.”

Hear the interview here.

Photo Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

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