UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry succombed to strikes early in his bout with Shawn Jordan at UFC 161: Evans Vs Henderson, but his manager wants everyone to know that it was stopped because of an inadvertent eye poke. Brian Butler of Suckerpunch Entertainment is saying that if you watch the replay of the fight, you can not only see the eye poke, but you can see Barry react to the eye poke while he was being pounded out by Jordan.

Butler told Bleacher Report:

"The eye poke is what stopped Pat. He was not dazed or even close to being unconscious. Watch the way he just turtles up to cover his eye. If it was more blatant the ref would have given Pat time to recover but it was hard to see.”

"You can see Pat actually almost tap to motion the ref it was his eye, but Shawn was hitting so fast he couldn't remove his glove from his eye."

"This was set to be a great fight and what most people didn't see was that this stoppage was due to an eye gouge Pat received from an uppercut. The strikes themselves did not cause Pat to go down. He took a thumb directly into his eyeball and turtles up to protect it. Unfortunately, the ref did not have the angle I saw it and the fight was stopped."

Butler also stated that they are still uncertain whether or not they wiill be filing a complaint with the commission in Winnipeg.

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

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