Former UFC champion Rich Franklin is a fighter, not a meteorologist, but he’s still offering up a forecast for fans in Brazil who plan on attending UFC 147. According to “Ace”, the weather inside the arena will be stormy with a high probability of tornados. While most tornados are violent funnels of whirling wind, the one expected at the event goes by the name Wanderlei Silva and has a history of flattening his foes with the power of a F-5.

“The best way to describe Wanderlei’s fighting style”¦it would be like fighting a tornado. As long as you stay away from a tornado you’re safe but if you get too close too the tornado it does damage. When you come in he pulls the trigger and when he pulls the trigger things fly,” said Franklin in an interview with the UFC.

“The best way for me to finish this fight is not to get lazy in the fight and get caught up in his game," he concluded on overcoming a challenge like the one Silva presents.

Franklin Considering TRT in the Future

Franklin-Silva are serving as headliners at UFC 147. The two met once before in 2009 where Franklin brought home a hard-fought Unanimous Decision win.

The full interview with Franklin can be seen below:


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