UFC President Dana White denied several rumors on American cable television network CNBC Tuesday afternoon, rumors you didn't read at Fighters.com.

According to White, pound-for-pound boxing sensation "Money" Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is not joining the UFC.

According to Fighters.com, Mayweather is never, ever, ever going to compete in mixed martial arts, ever.  Never!

Can all you rumor monkeys wrap your peanuts around that?

Despite the rhetoric from "Money", he's not that stupid.

A Queensberry Rules exhibition versus a mixed martial artist?  Perhaps if there's a $10 million on the table up front.

But, Mayweather in a cage under Unified Rules?  Pardon me while I reach to the back of my skull to roll my eyes back into their sockets.


UFC President Dana WhiteAccording to White, the UFC is not selling out to FOX, selling a portion to the WWE, nor going public.

Not yet.

Last month, Forbes estimated the UFC's value at $1 billion, which Fighters.com thinks is generous.

White owns 10% of the UFC.  After taxes and legal fees, let's say he nets $55 million from the sale.

You and I would take $55 million; but, it's not lot of money to White in light of the promotion's potential growth.

The UFC's market is still growing and, God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, and Krishna forbid, it'd take a death in the cage on CBS for this money boat to head back to port.

Why should White and the Fertitta brothers let anyone else on board to dine at their buffet now?

Also, White and the Fertittas are having fun, White as the P.T. Barnum of MMA and the Fertittas with their small, side business that's all the buzz.

They might sell out one day, but not in the foreseeable future, not until this sport is much bigger.

And, thank God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, and Krishna.  Even you White haters have to admit that putting FOX or the WWE in charge of MMA's best promotion is a fate worse than White.

According to White, the UFC hasn't inked a broadcast deal with FOX either.

They won't anytime soon unless White changes his mind about allowing a network to control the production.

The UFC is a big risk for FOX, one they're not likely to invest millions in without demanding their "people" be allowed in on the production.  They're not budging because they don't need the UFC.

The UFC is White's baby and he's equally unlikely to trust her in the hands of TV execs who cancelled Family Guy twice.  And, he's not budging because, at this point, he doesn't need FOX either.

White did announced that the UFC has signed a four-year licensing agreement with Jakks to produce UFC action figures.

Importantly, you didn't read any of the rumors at Fighters.com because, besides being of dubious origin, they're wholly unlikely on their face.

Come one?  Mayweather in the UFC?  Put your keyboards away.


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