If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time as an MMA fan, it’s that Dana White doesn’t like letting his fighters fight anywhere else if he’s got them under contract. It seemed as if Strikeforce kingpin Nick Diaz would be one of the rare exceptions to that rule, with a highly-debated upcoming debut as a professional boxer scheduled soon. That is, unless the UFC was willing to give Nick Diaz a fight against UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. And you’ll never believe this, fans and friends”¦ but that’s supposedly going to happen. Read on for all the details.

After weeks of rumor, MMA Weekly is reporting that a deal to face the Strikeforce Welterweight Champion against the UFC Welterweight Champion is imminent, and could be announced in the next few days. According to their report, the fight is a near-certainty.

Nick Diaz has always been thought of as a potential huge threat to Georges St. Pierre, but with the nature of promotion vs. promotion super-fights, especially when champions are involved, it was expected that this fantasy fight would remain a fantasy for the foreseeable future.

If both Strikeforce and the UFC have found a way to cut through what must have been an avalanche of red tape to get this fight signed, I’d like to applaud both promotions right now. This fight is definitely in my top 5 fantasy fights, in fact, it’s hovering at #3 and sometimes even at #2.

I honestly think that you can no longer deny that both Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre have ran out of competition. You can hate Nick Diaz all you want, and at one point in time I absolutely loathed him, but you can’t argue with results. Nick Diaz is a very, very, very controversial man”¦ but he’s also the most-dominant champion in Strikeforce history. And that’s not hype talking: no one, not a single fighter from Heavyweight to Lightweight, has successfully defended a Strikeforce championship as many times as Nick Diaz has.

The same goes for Georges St. Pierre: with this latest win over Jake Shields, I fully believe that GSP has surpassed Matt Hughes as the most dominant UFC Welterweight fighter of all time. Say what you will about his apparent lack of finishing ability, but I’ve always been impressed with Georges St. Pierre. Only the absolute best of the best can go into a fight against a high-ranked opponent and make it look like the guy doesn’t belong in the same cage with him. Georges St. Pierre is one of those fighters.

I’ve been hoping that this match-up would happen for so long that I honestly don’t want to believe that it’s happening. I’m a huge fan of both men, and I think this would be an amazing fight. But not only that, this will open the floodgates: with the precedent set, we should and I don’t doubt that we will demand more “Strikeforce vs. UFC” championship fights. I look forward to seeing the official announcement of this fight, because if it happens, it’s going to be a whole new ballgame. And again, that’s not hype talking.

And if you want my opinion, fans and friends? Georges St. Pierre is Superman and Nick Diaz is going to be his kryptonite. Nick is going to be able to keep the fight standing, and even if it does get to the floor, he’s going to not let GSP grind him down over five rounds. And if Georges St. Pierre wants to test his striking against Nick Diaz, the only real thing that’ll get tested is GSP’s chin. And it’s going to fail.

But what about you, fans and friends? Let’s get some debate going. Do you think this fight will happen? And if it does, who do you see winning it?

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