As reported on, former Bellator mma lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was speaking to the media openly about what has been going on behind the scenes with his contract dispute with Bellator. Alvarez accused Bellator of playing dirty pool, even saying they altered a contract in an attempt to bamboozle Alvarez, and that all of the ugliness that went on will come out in court. Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney is now talking about the media and is saying Alvarez is saying things that aren’t true. According to Rebney, there was no altered contract, and all of the records can be seen in court when they become public record.

Rebney told MMAJunkie:

"He needs to stop saying things that aren't true and aren't accurate, and at which point if he admits what he said is untrue, then we'll re-engage with him. Until that time, we'll just see this thing through trial."

"For a long period of time, it was a good-faith disagreement between us," Rebney said. "We as a company, me and Bellator, felt one way about the contract and the matching. He felt another way, and that's fine. That's a disagreement, and he filed a lawsuit, and we filed a lawsuit, and we were battling it out. But over the last couple of weeks, he's made a series of statements about Bellator and about Spike and about Viacom that are just completely and utterly false. I mean, he's made completely untrue statements.

"I had hoped to be able to just let it play itself out and deal with it in court, and then when the court decisions were made, they would determine who was right and who was wrong, and then it would be over. But the way that it's occurred over the last couple of weeks, I just felt like it was time to step up and talk about it because it's not fair for Ed to make completely false statements and not have someone challenge it."

"I have an enormous problem with somebody spreading completely untrue statements and lying about a situation. That's where the issue comes from, and there's a series of things he's said as of late ”“ literally the last few days, starting with the statements he made on the sixth, when he said point-blank that we had manipulated documents and changed wording and had put him in a horrible position and that we had changed terms in the early release letter versus what was in the contract.

Nothing was changed. 'Material terms' language was never added. It is not part of that final document that was signed. That is just false. That isn't a misunderstanding. That is not, 'Oh, I misunderstood what you said,' or, 'I misconstrued what you said.' That is just a completely untrue and false statement. That's what makes me nuts because when you look at it, all of those documents are with the court.

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