UFC Heavyweight Mark Hunt is having traveling issues trying to get into the United States for his UFC 160: Velasquez Vs Silva II co main event bout with Junior dos Santos. According to Hunt, an arrest from a night club incident from 2002 has somehow reared its head, and his visa was denied. On Wednesday night rumors began to swirl that the fight was off, and it was fueled by a poorly worded tweed from Hunt. The truth is, while Hunt hasn’t gotten on a visa yet, he is saying the UFC is on the case and that everything should be straightened out quickly.

Hunt told MMAFighting:

"Just a stupid incident which happened in 2002," he told MMAFighting.com. "It wasn't even my fault, but as usual, I get canned for it. I should be fine by today. UFC is on it."

“A friend of mine punched another friend outside a club. Another guy said to me that they needed help. I went out to see what had happened. I see that these two losers were pissed [drunk]. I try to go back in the club and an undercover cop said I wasn't allowed. I said, Can I just go back in to get my girl? He says, no. I ask him again, he says, I'll tell you one more time you're under arrest. Guess what? I ask again, he flicks his baton; I get upset.

"So, he has his baton in his left hand, and I walk up to him. He maces me with his right hand, and they jump me. I wasn't even drunk. I spent New Year's in jail for public intoxication, and I wasn't even drunk.... The fight is not in jeopardy at all from my end. Unless some evil power is at work, I should be out tonight."


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