What has WWE announced in advance of RAW tonight? Not a damn thing, but based on last week’s shows we can make a few good guesses, and a few probably pretty bad ones, about what’s in store.

Neither Brock Lesnar nor Triple H is likely to show up in person tonight, but I bet we’ll see dramatic video of Lesnar’s Kimura lock that has H sidelined with a broken arm. Four times. At least. Probably interspersed with that soundbite about Lesnar making people piss and sh*t themselves.

Dueling Johns, Laurinaitis and Cena that is, will push their upcoming match while Hungry Hungry Hippo Lord Tensai looks on menacingly. Today in YES! news, Daniel Bryan will be around after becoming #1 contender to CM Punk’s WWE Championship on last week’s RAW, a sentence that should thrill my fellow online wrestling nerds. The new tag team champs, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, may debut a groaningly awful team name like R-Boom or King Truth or Jimmy Bounce. Kane and Randy Orton don’t know how to quit each other yet. Vickie Guerrero will excuse herself. And maybe this week I’ll be right about Kharma returning?

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