Marloes Coenen is once again set to fight Cristiane ”˜Cyborg’ Santos, but this time its for the inaugural Invicta FC featherweight title. The fight didn’t go Coenen’s way in their first bout, and Cyborg was able to overwhelm her with strikes to get the stop late in the fight. Since then, Cyborg was stripped of her belt, and suspended for a year. However, Coenen went on to win the belt herself, and even defended it, before she lost it to Miesha Tate. With a second fight with Cyborg looming, Coenen is very confident in her chances.

She told :

Coenen feels the first bout with Santos was stopped prematurely.

“Well you know, the first time my face was like jello after the fight, but I didn’t want to give up. We had a male referee and every fight after that my trainer would tell the ref up front don’t stop the fight to early cause Marloes can take a punch and she will not give up. I thought it was stopped to soon. Maybe it was because men has to get use to seeing women punch each other. Men want to protect women, I think that was part of it.”

Coenen thinks the second fight will play out differently.

“In the first round of our last fight she was breathing really heavy. I still can remember that, thinking to myself 'OK this is just the first round and she is already breathing like that.' The second thing is you know the news where she got caught with whatever she used. She looks more feminine now, I also think her strength is less and last time she really out powered me, so I think this time it will be a very interesting fight... I have a lot of belief in this fight, I have always said since the last time we fought that I wanted to fight her again.”

Coenen is not worried that Cyborg will be using PEDs this time.

"I already thought she was on something when I was fighting her for the first time. But then I was like 'Ah, whatever, I don’t care you know?' But when I was actually in the cage I felt her power and was like 'Oh my god I never been hit this hard in my whole life.' This time I don’t think she’s on the stuff anymore.”

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