Lightweight Eddie Alvarez has amped up his verbal assault on Bellator after recently acknowledging he would be going to court to settle a contractual dispute and had been forced to jeopardize his savings in order to fight for his freedom to sign with the UFC. This time around, Alvarez pointed a finger at the puppeteers pulling Bellator’s strings for pushing lesser-known competitors around.

According to a series of Tweets from Alvarez, the people running things are “a group of idiots with money who don’t know sh*t about MMA.” Read below for his full comments”¦

“I am fortunate compared to guys like Cosmo Alexandre. This guy trains day and night to feed his family, and Viacom/Spike TV continue to hurt him. His story of getting shafted might be worse than mine.”

“Not to mention how Zach Makovsky was bullied to take a smaller pay day than contextually agreed or just sit after being champ. I have nothing to complain about. I get paid well enough to keep bills paid, but to bully guys like Makovsky and Alexandre is a sin. Bjorn Rebney’s a grunt in this. It's Viacom and Spike TV and a group of idiots with money who don't know sh*t about MMA.”

“I might just dump just real sh*t tonight until I get a call from someone to stop. Soooo much to talk about now that the gloves are off. I'd be more careful in what I said but I was told as long as I truthful then I can say whatever I want.”

SOURCE: Twitter

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