The Bella Twins - Brie and Nikki - were fired by Eve Torres in a video posted to during RAW on Monday night, inspiring Michael Cole to stop the broadcast and yell at you about it a couple of times. In her latest example of  Executive Administrating, Torres explained to the sisters about budget cuts and the economy and stuff and wished them the best of luck in their future endeavors in imitation of her boss, John Laurinaitis (and semi-mocking the company's trademark line accompanying the release of talent).

The twins, who are reverting to their real names, Brianna and Nicole Garcia, were widely reported to be planning an exit from WWE when their contract ended at the end of April. After a week-long run with the Divas title Nikki lost to a returning Layla at Extreme Rules. Monday night both the Bellas were defeated in a lightning-quick triple-threat title match against that turned out to be their last in WWE.

A Full Recap of this Week's Episode of Monday Night RAw

No word has surfaced on what the Bellas Garcias have planned next.

On a personal note, it's great to have Layla back and kicking ass in a way that would make her Miami Heat proud because she is a beautiful mini-English scone of sugar and cuteness as well as a fellow South Floridian, but it's crappy that the Bellas got the boot in an online video instead of being gloriously destroyed by Kharma.

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