Former WWE champion Daniel Bryan is a unique superstar for numerous reasons and he'll be the first to tell you that. Bryan recently spoke about his past influences including the reason some of the strikes he throws look so technical or where his ideas for submission-holds come from.

“There’s a big difference [between] the way I throw a kick and the way the rest of the roster throws one, ” said Bryan in a recent interview with Chicago Now, discussing the way training in Mixed Martial Arts has influenced his lethal-looking strikes and inventive submission sequences in the wrestling ring. “I think my training has really helped me in that aspect of mixing in the real legit kicks.”

Bryan re-confirmed UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez as the inspiration for his catchy, self-congratulatory “Yes!” chants, explaining, “It is directly from Diego Sanchez but with my own twist.” Sanchez was notorious for chanting "Yes!" as he walked towards the ring and even employed a "Yes!" cartwheel during a memorable UFC hype-package.

That being said, would Bryan consider a career in MMA himself? Not likely.

"When I’m done wrestling I can see myself getting into a lot of grappling tournaments. I love the submission aspect of it and even the kickboxing and boxing. But after wrestling if I never get kicked or punched in the head again I’ll be thrilled.”

Bryan mentioned CM Punk as a potential Wrestlemania opponent and looks forward to returning to Punk’s hometown of Chicago for tonight's Extreme Rules pay-per-view, stating, “I think it’s a great wrestling city and the fans will always be passionate about it.”

Fans can catch Bryan in action this evening against Sheamus during the PPV broadcast when things fire up at 8:00 PM EST.


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