In between YES-chanting sessions Daniel Bryan has to, among other things, eat. When it comes to mealtime the WWE Superstar has one of the more unique diets in the business as a vegan.

Bryan recently spoke about his eating habits and life as a vegan on the road where he detailed his decision to make the move and how it has affected his professional wrestling career.

"I knew I wanted to wrestle when I was little kid. It took hold in me, captured my imagination," said Bryan in an interview with the Huffington Post. As such, he'd wrestled for years but went vegan in 2009 when he became part of WWE. At the same time, he learned he had elevated liver enzymes "and all this other stuff -- skin infections and my cholesterol was really high."

When some of the WWE folks were talking drugs, Bryan talked alternatives. "My doctor said, 'Try a vegan diet.'"

Bryan reported feeling stronger and healthier as a vegan than ever before, stating, "My health is so much better. I'm bigger now than I was eating meat. My lifts in the gym are better. I'm in better shape. A lot of people thought you couldn't be a top-level athlete as a vegan, but people like Mac Danzig and Jake Shields are proving that's wrong. And it's better for me as a performer."



EDITOR'S NOTE - I’m far, far from being a vegan but the chili tofu recipe accompanying the feature looked like it could be pretty tasty. Drop a line on Twitter if you try making it and let us know how it turns out.

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