One of the biggest fights in UFC history is only a few days away from taking place and the main players are on the ground in Atlanta, ready to take the final steps towards the sweet elation of victory or bitter sting of defeat. Before light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and rival Rashad Evans do in fact lock horns inside the Octagon they will face off on a stage as part of a press conference promoting Saturday night's title-fight at UFC 145. will be tuned in from the beginning at 1:00 PM EST and relaying live results back to readers as they unfold live from the venue.

Read below to see what each man had to say :


- Says beating Jones is as important as the belt if not more so because of all the hype leading up to their fight
- Has supreme confidence in his ability to take Jones down; has done it before and will do it again
- Likes that he's seen as an underdog
- Doesn't care what the oddsmakers say (Jones is a 5:1 favorite)
- Not sure how much he affected Jones' growth
- Doesn't feel he gets his due respect from fans/media but isn't concerned about it; thinks people will have no choice but to honor him when he's done with MMA; says beating Jones would be huge in that regard
- Hasn't considered the Hall of Fame yet since he's still so focused on his career
- Got sick of talking about Jones based on how much the fight has been promoted
- Thinks Lyoto Machida and Quinton Jackson gave Jones too much time/distance
- Not concerned about any emotional impact inside the cage as far as his performance goes; not as invested in it as he used to be and has only made certain comments based on being asked about it over and over
- Feels Chuck Liddell is the greatest light heavyweight of all time


- Willing to give Evans some credit in terms of helping him develop though didn't mention anything specifically
- Is passionate about being considered the best fighter in the sport
- Reiterates the fight is not personal with Evans even if they've said personal things towards each other; says he'll be as excited about his next bout as he is about this one
- Beating Evans would be huge for his legacy/standing; says Evans is "unquestionably one of the best fighters in the world" and "has the gift of speed, the gift of grappling"
- Has watched Evans' fight with Phil Davis more than 60 times
- Feels confident in his supreme knowledge of Evans' attack based on studying and his coaching
- Isn't sure if Evans is still in his prime or not
- Isn't positive Evans has improved since leaving Greg Jackson's camp but knows he's different; credits Evans for having a good "six pack" in his fight against Tito Ortiz
- Motivation from the hype pushed him to exceed his own expectations in camp
- Understands Evans may take him down but he's prepared for everything and could even see himself stopping Evans before a takedown occurs
- Won't go as far as to call Evans a "whiner" but has no sympathy for him based on the things he's said about the coaching staff
- Says Tito Ortiz is the best 205er of all time
- Calls Stephan Bonnar his toughest opponent to date

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