Hello once more fans and friends and welcome to the second part of today’s two-part entry into my long-running series “5 Reasons Why”. Today’s double-header features the upcoming UFC Featherweight Championship bout between Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick, currently scheduled for UFC 129 next Saturday. For five reasons why Aldo could beat Hominick, please click here. What follows is the reverse: five reasons why Hominick could beat Aldo.

5. Hominick will compete right in the middle of over 55,000 screaming Ontario fans”¦ and he was born in Ontario.

There’s “the hometown crowd”, and then there’s “the hometown army”. With no disrespect meant to any fans and friends north of the border, the Canadian UFC crowds have consistently proven to be some of the most biased of any UFC crowds. Any time Bruce Buffer announces “From Canada”, that fighter is guaranteed a gigantic reaction. When Mark Hominick steps into the cage against Jose Aldo, he’ll do so with 55,000 fans cheering him on and supporting him. And that’s a very powerful incentive to win.

4. Hominick has been legitimately (T)KO’d once in his career”¦ back in 2003.

Jose Aldo is definitely a dangerous striker. There’s absolutely no way you can argue that, and as a Jose Aldo fan, I’d honestly laugh a bit if anyone did try and argue against that. But here’s what I think: Jose Aldo can stop Mark Hominick, but it’s going to take a lot of work. Hominick has been looking great lately, and he only has one single, legitimate, “lights out” KO on his record. And as stated before, that was all the way back in 2003.

3. Hominick is on his second trip inside the Octagon and has already shaken off any “UFC jitters”.

It’s been over five years (way, way back at UFC 58) since Mark Hominick debuted in the UFC. In fact, here’s an interesting tidbit for you: Mark Hominick has never actually lost in the UFC. It seems that stepping into the fabled Octagon consistently brings out Hominick’s best, and with his return to the UFC already taken care of, any ring rust or problems transitioning from the blue cage to the Octagon are now over and done with.

2. Hominick is on a five-fight win-streak.

Over three years. That’s how long it’s been since Mark Hominick had to exit the cage with a loss on his record. Since then he’s won five fights and finished four of them. And all four for those finishes occurred in either the first or the second round. And to top it all off, Hominick’s best performance of this current win-streak occurred in his last fight, when he dominated and finished George Roop.

And the number-one reason why I think Mark Hominick could beat Jose Aldo is”¦

1. Hominick may be an unlikely candidate”¦ but those make the best champions.

Did anyone think Forrest Griffin would beat Quinton Jackson? Did anyone think Frank Edgar would beat BJ Penn? What about Matt Serra beating Georges St. Pierre? The UFC is filled with fighters going in with their backs against the wall and the odds against them, only to end up giving the best performance of their life and securing the win no one thought they’d be able to get. Mark Hominick knows how much this fight means, he knows how big of a threat Jose Aldo is. Mark my words, he’ll come in the best he’s ever been, and while Aldo may beat him, Mark Hominick will make this a fight from the second the first bell rings. And that’s the biggest reason why I think Mark Hominick could beat Jose Aldo.

And that’s what I think, fans and friends. What about you? One more time: it’s Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick. Who do you see winning, how, and why?

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