WWE RAW is coming for us tonight from London, so it’s a rare tape-delayed episode which means you can prowl Twitter between now and 9L00 PM EST if you’re hungry for spoilers.

Headlining tonight’s show are WWE Champion CM Punk and freakishly strong challenger Mark Henry who will face off in a No Disqualification/No Countout match after their previous two encounters ended Punk retaining his belt using one of each. Also, expect Chris Jericho to sparkle his way ringside and do something dastardly.

Another featured moment includes Brock Lesnar and John Cena will continuing the buildup to their Extreme Rules match at the end of the month, though Lesnar’s not anticipated to appear live, presumably because they wouldn’t let him bring his assault rifles on the plane.

A Look at the Fallout from Last Week's Brawl Between Lesnar and Cena

Also set for the show, Lord Tensai will eat a dude.

Since you will not be allowed to forget that they are in Britain, I’m assuming that they will decorate the stage with an old-timey red phonebooth and maybe Dame Judi Dench. Probably a 5-on-5 women’s tag match with the heels wearing Man U gear, too. Someone will make a joke about bad teeth, the Queen, and/or the Queen having bad teeth.

But that will all be worth it if William Regal shows up.

Tune in tonight and see what happens  live!

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