CM Punk spent this past Monday on a media tour of Washington, DC, where he got to pal around with the MLB Nationals’ mascots: George, Tom, Abe, Teddy, and Screech the Bald Eagle. Naturally things got rowdy and Teddy got taken down by the WWE Champion. This one’s for the Treaty of Portsmouth, Roosevelt!

Screech was the next victim of Punk’s rampage through the nation’s capitol. The two had to be separated after an innocent game of Rock-Paper-Scissors nearly came to blows.

A distant second on the list of cool stuff Punk got to do in DC was a interview on FOX 5’s local morning show with host Dave Ross, where he shared some insight into his promo style.

“I've just always been the guy that says what other people won't, without fear of reprisal or the consequences or repercussions that come with it,” said Punk, perhaps WWE’s most highly skilled wordsmith. “The microphone's always been my weapon.”

Punk insists the mic has power””“More so than punching people or kicking people.”

Check out My FOX DC’s video for Punk’s reaction to the WWE returns of The Rock and Brock Lesnar and his explanation for failing to wear pants to the FOX studio:

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