Bellator 94 takes place tonight in Tampa, Florida, and will be bringing you wall to wall coverage of the nights proceedings. As always, you can watch the prelim card here, and we will be bringing  you real time results and round by round updates of the main card. The card will be headlined by the season 8 lightweight tournament finals between Saad Awad and David Rickels, and the season 8 light heavyweight tournament finals between Emanuel Newton and Mikhail Zayats.




Main Card
Emanuel Newton def. Mikhail Zayats via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)*
David Rickels def. Saad Awad via Technical Knockout at 5:00 round 2**
Luis Melo def Trey Houston via Submission at 1:09 of round 3 (Head/Arm Choke)
Rodrigo Lima def. Ronnie Mann via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)
Preliminary Card
Jessica Aguilar def. Patricia Vidonic via Split Decision (29-28x2, 28-29)
Joe Taimanglo def. Ronnie Rogers via Submission at :33 of round 2 (north/south choke)
Patrick Cenoble vs. Tony Fryklund DRAW (29-27, 27-29, 28-28)
James Edson Berto def. Bruno Carvalho via Submission at 1:27 of round 1(heel hook)
Felice Herrig def. Heather Clark via Split Decision (29-28x2, 28-29)
Kenny Moss vs. Julien Williams def. Kenny Moss via Submission at 3:19 of round 1 (Standing Guillotine)
Augusto Sakai def. Rob Horton via Technical Knockout at 4:01 of round 2(knee)

*Light Heavyweight Tournament Final
**Lightweight Tournament Final

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Rodrigo Lima vs. Ronnie Mann

Round 1(ref: Troy Waugh)

Mann takes the center and they exchange leg kicks. Mann dives in for a fake takedown and lands a right hand over the top. Mann takes the center and its Lima who is circling. Both are loading up on their punches. Lima lands a solid leg kick and a big flurry. Lima grabs a leg but Mann stuffs it. Mann seems to have Lima’s timing down early in the fight so far, but its not stopping Lima from jumping in the pocket and landing punches. Lima lands a left that drops Mann and he goes to flurry in on him with strikes. Mann pops up, but is on his bike as Lima comes forward landing punches. Mann creates the space he needs and lands a punch of his own. Mann comes forward and lands a big combination, but he seems to be the slower guy in the cage. Score: 10-9 Lima

Round 2

Mann takes the center and a lot of feeling out going on. Mann catches a kick and lands a straight right. Everytime Mann steps into punching range, Lima is winning the punching exchanges although both are landing. Clear speed advantage for Lima. Lima lands a big  right hand right down the center. Mann is hunting for a counter punch but so far can’t land the one he is looking for. Mann lands a solid one/two combination. Lima lands a solid combination that backs  up Mann a bit, but he comes forward and clinches him on the fence. Mann lands a knee on the break. Much slower round, but it goes to Lima. Score: 10-9 Lima

Round 3

Lima comes forward and lands a straight right right off the bell. Mann is showing the urgency, but he is having a hard time dealing with the speed of Lima. Lima gets the trip takedown, and is framing up a guillotine but he won’t get  it. Lima landing strikes from the top, but Mann defending well. Mann looks exhausted, and is just eating short punches with Lima in his ½ guard. Mann scrambled and Lima ends up on his back, and he is close to cinching  up a triangle choke on Mann. Lima is landing elbows as the crowd cheers the end. Score: 10-9 Lima Result: 30-27 Lima

Rodrigo Lima def. Ronnie Mann via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

Trey Houston vs. Luis Melo

Round 1(ref: George Ortiz)

Houston coming forward and throwing jabs but Melo is countering well.  Very fast scrambling pace so far, and Houston drags him to the ground. Melo scrambles up and Houston eats a huge kick to the pills. Houston jumps right back in and they begin to exchange hands. Melo gets the takedown and he goes to work with ground and pound as he moves to side mount. Houston retains guard, but he is still eating hammerfists and elbows. Melo is standing and landing huge shots to Houston on the ground, but he is hanging in there. Houston scrambles up, and now its Houston coming forward. Houston lands some shots, and goes for a takedown but ends  up on the bottom. Score: 10-9 Melo

Round 2

Houston the one coming forward, and he lands a big left hook on a counter punch. Melo lands a huge combination, but eats a left hand  that drops him. Houston swarms in and starts landing shots. Melo gives up his back, and he almost has a rear naked choke. Houston stands up, and lets up Melo. Melo clinches and takes down Houston. Melo is landing some GnP but is exhausted. Houston rolls to his stomach and Melo is going to town with punches. Melo still grinding on Houston and landing short elbows. Houston scrambles up, but Melo pulls him right back down. Score: 10-10

Round 3

Melo opens with a big uppercut, and is peppering Houston with shots. Both guys look exhausted, and Melo gets the takedown. Melo mounts Houston, and secures a head and arm choke for the tap.

Round 3

Melo opens with a big uppercut, and is peppering Houston with shots. Both guys look exhausted, and Melo gets the takedown. Melo mounts Houston, and secures a head and arm choke for the tap.

Luis Melo def Trey Houston via Submission at 1:09 of round 3 (Head/Arm Choke)

Saad Awad vs. David Rickels**

Round 1(ref:Troy Waugh)

Awad takes the center and they egin to feel each other out. Awad throws a front kick and slips, but pops right back up.  They begin to exchange leg kicks. Rickles lands a big right counter on a swarming Awad.  Awad is walking down Rickles landing jabs and countering. Awad is also walking around with his hands down before these exchanges. Awad waits for Rickles to come in, and lands a big counter shot, Awad closes the distance and takes down Rickles. Awad landing some ground and pound to the body of Rickles. Awad walks him to the cage landing shots, but Rickles uses the cage to get up. Right back down though, and Awad starts landing ground and pound. Score: 10-9 Awad

Round 2

Awad takes the center and goes for a takedown. He doesn’t get at it first but does seconds later against the fence. Rickles is framing up a kimura from the bottom but  escapes. Rickles scrambles up and takes down Awad. Awad sweeps and ends up on top. Awad isn’t landiing much, but he is really controlling Rickles from the top. This is just one way traffic of top control. Rickles scrambles up, He steps in the pocket and they both start exchanging huge hands. Rickles lands one that drops Awad and he faceplants as the round ends.  Troy waugh steps in to separate the two, and Awad stays laying a second prompting the ref to call it the end of the fight. Wow. 

David Rickels def. Saad Awad via Technical Knockout at 5:00 round 1

Emanuel Newton vs. Mikhail Zayats

Round 1(ref:)

Newton takes the center and begins too paw his jab. Zayats throws a leg kick, and Newton lands a right hand over the top of it. Zayats lands a shot and Newton trips and pops back up. Newton comes forward and lands a jab but eats a nifty counter from Zayats. Newton still the  one pressing forward. Newton scores on a nice combination with a body kick in the middle. Newton lands another overhand right, and Zayats is clearly looking to counter. Zayats lands a nice combination on the inside. Zayats comes forward landing, Newton slips and rips and lands one of his own after catching a kick.  He takes down Zayats and lands some ground and pound. Zayats scrambles up agian, Newton takes him down and Zayats almost gets the top in a scramble. On the fence, Newton has the back of Zayats landing shots as the round closes. Score: 10-9 Newton

Round 2

Newton takes the center, and he gets the better of an exchange right  off the bat. Zayats closes in landing a jab, and he tries to clinch but Newton shrugs him right off. Newton lands a nice one/two and follows it up with a sidekick. Newton whiffs on a spinning back kick. Zayats jumps in swinging for the fences, and misses. Zayats lands a nice left hook, and he eats a body kick for his troubles. Zayats starting to come forward more. and he takes the center. Zayats lands a slick combination and Newton clinches. Very even round so far. Newton’s corner keeps telling him to keep his hands up. Zayats misses with a spinning back fist. Zayats landing a one/two pretty consistently. Zayats lands a straight right right and clinches, and gets the takedown as the bell rings. Score: 10-9 Zayats

Round 3

Newton takes the center and lands a body kick prompting Zayats to clinch. Newton turns it around and presses Zayats on the fence. Zayats fishes an outside trip but it fails and he escapes. Newton lands a nice right hand, and Zayats lands a  jab. Newton lands a big right hand, and Zayats goes down. Newton closes in and starts landing punches and takes the back of Zayats and reaches for a RNC. Zayats pops up, and now he is very motivated coming forward throwing his jab. Newton is walking down Zayats again, and Newton lands a nice spinning back fist. Zayats shoots for the single leg, but Newton defends it well. Newton still coming forward, and he lands a nice kick. Newton grabs a leg, and gets the takedown. Score: 10-9 Newton Result: 29-28 Newton

Emanuel Newton def. Mikhail Zayats via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

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