UFC President Dana White was doing press for UFC 157: Rousey Vs Carmouche, and told an interesting story about how bad the feud had gotten between himself, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. White was asked by the host if he ever had a favorite going into a fight, and the always outspoken promoter talked about how he wanted Ortiz to lose when he fought Liddell the first time.

White told POWER 106 FM, Los Angeles:

“Everytime Tito got beat it was for me. Tito and I HATED each other, and we’re cool now. It is what it is now, but back in the day it was real bad. There was thing back in the day, where it was me and Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz... In the 13 years that I have been in this business, and owned this company, this is the only time I have ever done this. When Tito and Chuck fought for the first time, I told Chuck I want your gloves, and I want the trunks you beat the snot out of him in. I put them up in a glass case in my house. Every time I would walk in my door the trunks were right there... I don't think Tito knows about that, but he knows now. ”

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