UFC light heavyweight Quinton Jackson will be the first to tell you money is important to him as a father wanting to provide the best life possible for his family. However, it’s not the only key to maintaining his happiness and not necessarily even the most important thing in that regard. Like most people, “Rampage” simply wants to feel appreciated by his employers, so while a raise from the UFC would certainly be welcomed it’s not the money he’s after. It’s the respect.

Jackson feels that component has been lacking on the UFC’s part for years and has become the core issue causing his recent fallout with the world’s foremost MMA promotion.

“I’m gonna go to an organization that gives me a little clout”¦anywhere, as long as I’ve got a little clout and I can control it a little bit and the guys appreciate me for putting on a good show. Just say thank you at the end of the show. I don’t care if I make $500 again,” said the 33-year old in an interview with Inside MMA.

Citing the lackluster matchmaking he’s dealt with as of late, where he feels he’s being fed to wrestlers who are interested in earning decisions rather than entertaining fans, Jackson went off on his bosses, saying matchmaker Joe Silva should be “slapped” and then mentioning another situation that rubbed him the wrong way.

“After my fight with Jon Jones they told my manager that I was losing my appeal ”“ that rappers don’t come and watch me fight no more, that the fans really don’t like me no more. Cause it was getting close to time for me to renegotiate and PRIDE did the same thing to me,” Jackson explained. “To me my respect is more than money so I’ll go fight for some other show for free and I’ll prove it to fans that I’m not all about money.”

Jackson Feels He is Underpromoted, Underpaid

Currently Jackson is still seeking to split with the UFC and hopes to do so as soon as possible even if it means being handed his immediate release.

Check out the full interview below:


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