Renowned trainer Greg Jackson has a lot of respect for UFC welterweight Nick Diaz in terms of what the Stockton scrapper brings as a Mixed Martial Artist. After all, Diaz is tough, well-rounded, and is exceptionally skilled when it comes to making opponents fight the way he wants. However, Jackson also has extensive knowledge of champion Georges St-Pierre based on the work they’ve done together in the gym and doesn’t see St-Pierre straying from his gameplan no matter what Diaz does to tempt him.

Jackson spoke about the situation on Sherdog Radio, expressing his confidence in GSP maintaining his composure this Saturday night at UFC 158 when he gets in the cage with his bitter rival.

“Even if he gets mad, he’ll be able to control it and keep his business his business. He’s incredibly smart, like off-the-charts smart. I think he’s going to be much too smart to fall for that.”

“Up to the fight, I’m sure Georges will be emotionally invested in it. I wouldn’t want to see Georges upset. I’ll put it that way. He’s a son of a gun even when he’s calm and rational.”

“I’ve worked with that guy for years, and if you got him really upset and he stays focused, that would be a very dangerous individual.”

“Nick Diaz as a fighter, I really like him because he’s one of those few fighters that can almost always make somebody play his game. He does it in really smart ways. He’ll back you up against the fence and basically have a shootout that he’s probably going to win. If you take him down, you’ve got to deal with some really good ground skills. If you don’t engage that, he throws his arms up. He starts trying to punk you. He tries to attack your manhood so that you get mad at him, so that you do start playing that game. He’s really smart at what he does. He’s very, very clever, but as long as you stay away from those things, as long as you control those elements, you have a good chance of winning. It’s just dealing with that really, really smart pressure that he has that makes this fight interesting.”

SOURCE: Sherdog Radio

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