Former UFC welterweight Matt Riddle had no problems talking about his positive drug test for marijuana when he was suspended after UFC 149, and he certainly hasn’t been shying away from interviews to discuss his latest positive drug test. Monday afternoon Riddle said he would likely turn down a future contract with the UFC because he didn’t like the way the company was headed. When a fan alerted UFC President Dana White to the comments, White responded “We can make sure that happens.”

Riddle told MMAFighting:

"What I see happening is, a year or two from now the UFC calls me back after I've won probably like five or six fights, hopefully. And I'll probably, at the time, say, ”˜No.' Because I really don't like the direction they're taking the company. They're firing high-level talent so they can have lower level talent just scrap, and they'd rather have a brawl than a good technical fight. I think that's going to be their downfall, because the fans are getting more educated. They're getting smarter, and they don't want to just see a slugfest and two retarded guys with brain damage bleeding everywhere. Don't get me wrong. That's good to have when two guys are evenly matched. When two guys are evenly matched, when you've got two Division I wrestlers that can't take each other down and they are left in a slugfest, that's what happens. But then to have me fight Che Mills, and then kind of expect me to stand in the pocket with a world class kickboxer who has knocked out other world class kickboxers, it's just stupid. You're asking me to get hurt. And basically, I didn't. I fought smart, and I lost my job."


Photo Credit: UFC

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