The sport of MMA can now add Quinton Jackson to the growing list of fighters who have used testosterone to improve in-ring performance.

Shortly after missing weight for his fight against Ryan Bader last weekend at UFC 144 “Rampage” came out to explain he’d suffered a serious injury while training for the bout and would have withdrawn from the card had it not been in his beloved Japan. However, according to Jackson, the only reason he was able to compete at all had to do with his decision to inject testosterone at the urging of his physician.

"I really wanted to fight for the Japanese fans and so I went to see the doctor and he told me not to fight. I was like ”˜Whoa.’ I bust out crying, because I had missed Japan and”¦ you know, I don’t like to tell people that I cry but I am a human being, I cried. I woke up at like three o’clock in the morning and I cried,” said Jackson in a recent interview with Fighters Only Magazine, adding, “I couldn’t train and I didn’t know if it would be a career-ending injury.”

Jackson Details Knee Injury Affecting UFC 144 Performance

On the cusp of calling the UFC to say he wouldn’t be able to fight Bader based on his health, Jackson explained he was referred to an “age-management” specialist by his own doctor.

“I went and talked to them and they tested me and said my testosterone was low; they prescribed me testosterone, to bring my testosterone levels back up to levels where I can be like”¦ so that I am the same as young people, like when I was 25, and it would help build my knee up,” the 33-year revealed. “I hurt my knee like a month ago and I only did three shots of testosterone but it put a lot of weight on me, a lot of muscle on me but it healed me knee up good enough to where I could fight.”

The treatment apparently worked as both a blessing and a curse, improving his knee but also adding extra pounds to the point Jackson came in heavy at the weigh-ins. Still, the testosterone has given “Rampage” a new lease on life.

“In Japan I saw the change and so I decided I am not retiring no time soon, whether I fight for the UFC or not, I am gonna heal my knee up and get back on top. I feel young again. I’m happy I did the testosterone, I wish I had known about it sooner.”

Jackson also made it clear he informed the UFC brass of the testosterone use and was given the “okay” as long as he didn’t exceed a certain level in his body. Other notable fighters who have admitted to testosterone usage include Dan Henderson, Nate Marquardt, and Chael Sonnen.


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