During the build up to their title-fight this weekend, Strikeforce bantamweight champ Miesha Tate and undefeated challenger Ronda Rousey have been anything but cordial towards each other. However, Rousey has come forward to say the bulk of her verbal jabs at Tate have been a means of promoting the match-up rather than representing any sort of personal attack.

Tate, on the other hand, doesn’t see things that way as she made clear in a recent interview where she said Rousey has crossed the line too many times to go back now.

“She’s made it personal for me. She says it’s not personal, but it is,” explained Tate in a conversation with MMAWeekly. “The difference between her and Chael Sonnen is that Chael’s been around for a long time, and I think people understand that it’s more of a gimmick. He’s a funny guy and he says things that are funny. The difference with Ronda is that she’s rude. She’s not necessarily comical in everything that she says; she’s kind of a bitch to be honest.”

“Not only am I not a fan, I cannot stand the girl,” Tate continued. “She is full of it. I think she runs her mouth way too much. She says things that just make her look absolutely ridiculous and I think she gives women’s MMA a bad name. I don’t think she’s good representation or a good role model for the sport, period”

“Not only do I not like her, but I don’t respect her at all,” the 25-year old added.

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When it comes to their actual scrap this Saturday night where real jabs will be thrown rather than those of the verbal variety, Tate is confident in Rousey’s inability to live up to her hype.

“I think she’s going to fold under the pressure, when after the first minute and she hasn’t submitted me, or even worse, she’s taking punches and thinking ”˜Damn why can’t I finish this girl? I did it to everyone else’,” said Tate, alluding to Rousey’s lack of experience in the cage and ease in which she’s put away her previous opponents.

Fans can watch the two talented women settle their score on Saturday night with the Showtime-bound broadcast starting at 10:00 PM EST. Prelims will air on Showtime Extreme two hours earlier.


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