UFC superstar Ronda Rousey is only 26 years old and hasn’t seen action in the cage more than ten times including amateur fights. However, the brash bantamweight champion feels confident she can continue to find the same success she’s experienced thus far in her career.

The 6-0 Rousey was recently interviewed by the UFC and let it be known she plans on taking out Liz Carmouche this weekend at UFC 157 and “everyone else that comes after her.”

“Of course I’m gonna beat Liz Carmouche”¦ and everyone that comes after her. I’m going to retire undefeated and there’s not anything these girls can do about it. They can try. They’re welcome to try, but it’s just not happening.”

“She’s a legit fighter. If it wasn’t for one tiny little mistake she would have been the Strikeforce champion. She was dominating Marloes Coenen for like four rounds and got caught at the end, Chael Sonnen-style. If you almost choke somebody and they stand you up, they can take a breath and they’re fine again. You throw on somebody flat on their back, that’s still subjective. But if you break somebody’s arm, it’s broken ”“ that’s not subjective. You can get the referee to stand her up again but she’s gotta fight the rest of the fight with one arm.”

The full interview with Rousey can be seen below:


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