There’s no question Dana White is one of the more outspoken executives in the sporting world but even he may have crossed the line in recent comments addressing the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s treatment of Floyd Mayweather Jr. According to the UFC President, “Money” Mayweather, who is poised to fight in May despite a looming prison sentence, has been given preferential treatment while the UFC has not received the same considerations.

Mayweather's Jail Time Delayed Until June

“They’re very consistent at being inconsistent. So, Floyd Mayweather is allowed to”¦first off not only by the NSAC but by the judge”¦is allowed to not go to jail until his fight is over,” began White in an interview after his organization’s event on Fuel TV. “Chael Sonnen, who had paid all his dues and everything was behind him, was not allowed to coach the Ultimate Fighter. Recently a boxer tested positive for marijuana. He’s suspended for a year and they take 40% of his purse. Floyd Mayweather walks into the NSAC and they literally kiss his ass.”

Sonnen was considered for a coaching spot opposite Michael Bisping but was not allowed based on his previous suspension for testosterone use. White’s later statements about marijuana are relevant as one of his stars, Nick Diaz, was recently popped for having traces of the substance in his system.

“Double standard, bias”¦whatever you want to call it,” an upset White continued. “There’s one thing that’s consistent there. Inconsistent as hell. It’s one of the most insane things that I’ve ever seen in my life. And the response would be, ”˜This guy brings a lot of money to the city of Las Vegas.’ So do we. So do we.”

When asked for comment, NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer responded, “That’s neither factually nor legally correct, so I am guessing Mr. White made those comments to mess around with Mr. Mayweather. In addition to being quite successful in their professional endeavors, Dana and Floyd are, at times, entertaining trash-talkers.”

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