Although several facts still need to be worked out, already there’s a major storm brewing across the internet focusing on an important development that could drastically affect the upcoming bout between ufc stars Quinton Jackson and Thiago Silva. Nothing is for certain as of this article’s publication, but several sites are reporting that the fight may be off, and that Rashad Evans may be stepping in to replace Thiago and take on “Rampage” Jackson for the second time. Here are all the current details on this still-developing story.

We head to MMA Junkie for a nice little breakdown on the entire story, which up to this point is as follows: Silva may be out of his bout with “Rampage” at UFC 130 but he denies that he is injured. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is still examining a pre-fight drug screen that came from UFC 125, with the current rumor being that the drug test is Thiago’s. Another rumor says that UFC top brass are already in discussion with Rashad Evans to replace Silva. Evans recently had to bow out of his long-awaited shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship after injuring his knee during practice.

At the time of this article’s publication, nothing is official and everything is speculation.

To be honest, I really hope the Silva vs. Jackson fight goes on as planned. I’ll get to why I’m not particularly interested in Evans/Jackson 2 in a little bit, but for now, I’ll focus on why I’m so interested in Silva/Jackson. Putting it plainly and simply, this has the potential to be one of the best brawls of the year.

Thiago Silva recently took a big step on the comeback trial with his crushing victory over Brandon Vera, Jackson did the same with his narrow win over Lyoto Machida. Both men are motivated and hungry to prove that they’re still big threats in the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division. It’s an excellent match between arguably two of the best striking-based fighters in the division, and it’s a new, fresh match we’ve never seen before. I definitely hope it happens.

The reason I don’t want to see Rashad/Rampage 2 is also pretty simple: personally and professionally, these two bring out the worst in each other. Evans didn’t want to risk getting knocked out, so for the most part he blanketed Jackson in their first fight. Due to several factors, not the least of which was the sizable amount of ring rust he had going into the bout, Jackson seemed to only come alive in the dying minutes of his fight with Rashad. Maybe the second fight would be the fight we were all hoping for the first time around, but then again, it could also be more of the same.

So I say stick with the new, and don’t jump the gun and look past Thiago Silva just yet. Because even though it certainly sounds appealing on paper, I think Thiago Silva vs. Quinton Jackson is the fight we should all be looking forward to, not another bout between Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson.

And what about you, fans and friends? If you had the choice, would you rather see Quinton Jackson fight Thiago Silva or Rashad Evans?

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