Public opinion seems to be split down the middle in terms of whether Nick Diaz was more deserving of a decision victory last night at UFC 143 than actual winner, Carlos Condit. Both battled for twenty-five minutes with Condit taking an aesthetically unpleasing, counter-striking style rather than engaging Diaz in stand-up exchanges for any extended durations.

UFC President Dana White, who has never been afraid to criticize judging, offered up his take on the headlining tilt after the event had concluded where he found no fault in the outcome but understood criticism from fans/media who felt Diaz earned the interim belt based on aggression and having taken Condit’s back in the fifth round.

A Round-by-Round Look at Condit vs. Diaz

“Nick Diaz is the master of getting you to fight his type of fight," said White in a conversation with MMAJunkie. "Fighters have egos, and millions of people are watching. When you start getting open-hand slapped by the other guy and he's calling you names ”“ 'Alright, you want to do this?' ”“ they step in, and they do it. Carlos Condit kept his cool tonight, fought a perfect fight. He started early, chopping those legs, and that did make a big difference toward the end of the fight. It slowed Nick down a lot ”“ body shots, too.”

However, with Georges St. Pierre out until November while recovering from knee surgery, it appears White is willing to do his part in providing a more satisfying conclusion to the Diaz-Condit saga by having them fight again in a few months.

“It's crazy, but”¦I was thinking about it after the fight. People are bitching, and people think that was close”¦we could do that fight again before GSP comes back,” explained White before adding, "It depends on Carlos, too. Carlos has got to say ”“ and Nick's got to say, 'I want to fight him again,' too."

A disappointed Diaz said he was retiring from MMA immediately after the scores were read, disgusted with the notion of losing despite dictating the bout’s pace. A second shot at Condit could prompt him to return, while Condit’s camp has said “The Natural Born Killer” would be open to a title-defense before facing St. Pierre.


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