Siyar Bahadurzada has been getting no love from Strikeforce as of late.

The Golden Glory product believes that now would be the best time for the newly minted welterweight star to make his inception into the United States and make a run at the title. It's been somewhat of a dream of his for a long time, and the Sengoku veteran has shown that he is capable of performing at the top-level, recording some of the biggest wins of his career recently stopping both Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos--who just challenged for the Strikeforce 170-pound title--and UFC vet Derrick Noble.

The Afghan native has since signed a contract with the San Jose based organization earlier last year, however has since been unable to debut in the promotion, and he recently voiced some his frustrations, and CEO Scott Coker has since replied in kind.

Bahadurzada verbally lashed out about his most recent Strikeforce woes, and his patience has been waning ever since. Scott Coker has since been relayed some of Bahadurzada's comments, calling them "comical" and suggesting that a fighter with that kind of attitude will never fight for their organization.

"Before saying those things, I knew what the consequences would be", said Siyar who recently spoke to about his misfortunes.

"Knowing the consequences, I felt so bad even being disrespected like that, knowing the consequence that I might never fight for Strikeforce or any other American organization [for] doing so, because they think I'm unprofessional. But I'm not the person being unprofessional here. I have been treated unprofessionally for the last one and a half year[s]. When you feel your prime is here and nobody gives a damn about your prime or your career, then you feel disrespected."

Siyar has laid out an ultimatum for Mr. Coker:

"I just want a date or a release from my contract. That's it."

Surely, Strikeforce could use a fighter like Bahadurzada. While the 26-year-old isn't the world's most critically acclaimed, or renowned fighter, he is a name no less that the organization can add to their thinning welterweight pool, which champion Nick Diaz rules with an iron fist. Evidence of that, Evangelista Santos challenged the Stockton native last Saturday for the 170-pound title. While "Cyborg" is as game as they come, he fought just once in the welterweight division, gaining the number one contender's status by defeating former title challenger Marius Zaromskis, who is 1-2-1 in his last four fights. Santos' career total after this past weekend stands at 18-14 as a professional.

So, MMA peeps, what do you make of Bahadurzada's comments? Strikeforce has everything to benefit from by adding a new fighter like him to their roster, however the Strikeforce official also indicated that Siyar has also yet to obtain a visa to fight here in the States, which could obviously present a problem and a reason why he hasn't competed as of yet. Sound off in the comment section below.

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