It’s been a rough and tough couple of years for “The Irish Hand Grenade” Marcus Davis and his fans. A staple of the UFC’s welterweight division known for putting on exciting fights win or lose, Davis has lost four of his last five and was recently cut from the UFC following a KO loss to fellow veteran Jeremy Stephens in Davis’ debut at Lightweight. Davis recently made his case for a shot in the surging Strikeforce promotion, but is it realistic to say that Strikeforce is missing out by not signing Marcus Davis? Here are all the details.

In a recent interview with Tapology, “The Irish Hand Grenade” shared the following sentiments in regards to his immediate fighting future: “Nothing is official yet, but we’ve had a few offers”¦. I was hoping to hear from Strikeforce, but I know they’ve started that whole thing where they’re not taking UFC fighters coming off of losses. I completely understand”¦ As far as Strikeforce is concerned, I can understand why they would want to continue that policy from a business standpoint. With me, the one thing that they miss out on””and it’s my major selling point to anyone””is that my fights tend to be exciting.”

Let’s give credit where credit is due: Marcus Davis is right, his fights are far more often exciting than they are boring. Whether he finishes or gets finished, Davis knows how to entertain a crowd. It’s perhaps the pivotal reason why he stuck around in the UFC for so long without ever fully emerging into a legitimate championship contender. Personally, I’m somewhat of a fan of Marcus Davis. I certainly appreciate his penchant for going out, giving his all, and making sure the fans are happy.

But if we’re giving credit where credit is due, let’s be honest and not sugar-coat the situation either. Signing a fighter that’s lost four of his last five fights is not something a major promotion like Strikeforce should be doing. Strikeforce already has to deal with a small (though vocal) section of the fanbase that constantly accuses them of hiring “UFC rejects”, and this label is being applied to high-profile athletes like Josh Barnett, Fabricio Werdum, Paul Daley, and others. Most fans rightfully scoff at this idea and point out that those listed as “UFC rejects” have had very successful careers both in and out of the UFC. Sadly, the same can’t be said of Marcus Davis. If Strikeforce signed Davis right now, having lost four of five and being finished on three of those occasions, there’s really nothing to say to counter that “UFC reject” argument.

In the here and now, Davis needs to rebuild himself in the smaller leagues. I think Davis can one day catch the eye of Strikeforce, but he needs to go on a hotstreak in the lower-level promotions and try his best to erase the doubts and questions regarding his performance and abilities that this 1-4 streak has raised. It’s not the most ideal situation, and it’s certainly not the situation I wish for him as a semi-fan, but this is the situation he finds himself in whether he or I or anyone else wants to admit it or not. In the end, though, I wish Davis all the best and I do indeed hope that he turns it all around.

And what about you, fans and friends? Any thoughts on what the future holds for Marcus Davis?

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