Light heavyweight Quinton Jackson has been a fan-favorite for years, possessing one of MMA’s biggest personalities, knockout power, and a penchant for throwing down in the ring rather than relying on safer strategies to procure victory. He was a star in PRIDE and the UFC, even going so far as to receive mainstream recognition such as a featured role in The A-Team.

Now a free agent, Jackson finally has an opportunity to negotiate with suitors he feels will show him the respect he never received during his recent run in the Octagon. One of the leading contenders on that front is Bellator, an organization with the backing of Viacom and a spot on Spike TV.

If “Rampage” does indeed end up in Bellator, it doesn’t seem likely he’ll compete in the tournament based on the rigors involved, That being said, there’s no doubt he’d bring some legitimacy to the brand.

Here are a three intriguing options for Jackson certain to draw viewers and deliver entertainment come showtime”¦

Renato Sobral (37-10)

Like Jackson, “Babalu” is a veteran of the game who owns wins against a number of respected adversaries. Though both spent time in Japan and the UFC, the two never crossed paths. The bout is marketable on name value alone, plus it would pit Jackson against an opponent with the BJJ to pose real problems and some nice stand-up to boot.

Travis Wiuff (68-16)

This match-up is perfect for fans into slugfests. Wiuff loves to swing for the fences, as does Jackson, and chances are someone would end up crumpled on the canvas if the two ever face off.

Mo Lawal (9-1)

Jackson and Lawal have jawed back and forth for a long time, though it has turned into a good natured rivalry as of late with each showing support for the other rather than contempt. Still, both men are great in front of a microphone and know how to sell a fight. If Bellator ever goes the PPV route, Lawal-Jackson could easily serve as a main event or at least co-headliner. Also, for folks afraid that Lawal would simply take Jackson down and “hump” his way to victory, “King Mo” is actually an excellent boxer and is more likely to test himself in that regard rather than go the easy route.


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