Strikeforce bantamweight Ronda Rousey has always been crystal clear in her belief that she’s the top female fighter in MMA but now the surging star has taken it to another level, claiming she’s the baddest woman on Earth. Rousey’s playful admission came during an interview on G4’s Attack of the Show where “Rowdy” Ronda discussed a number of topics including her upcoming bout with divisional champion Miesha Tate, her rivalry with Cristiane Santos, and an incident in a movie theater where she beat up a group of guys.

During her conversation with host Kevin Pereira, Rousey joked that she could kill all of the people in the studio with her bare hands if she wanted after saying, “I think I’m the most dangerous unarmed woman in the planet.”

Rousey Has Harsh Words for "Cyborg" Santos

The Olympic judoka’s sense of humor was evident throughout the segment where she kidded, “I fit this in the schedule between punching stuff,” in relation to her time on the show and referred to learning Armbars as a little girl instead of playing with Barbies.

Tate-Rousey fight in the main event of a March 3 card in Columbus, Ohio.

Check out the video below:

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