UFC light heavyweight Quinton Jackson was hoping to exit the organization on a high note, win or lose, by battling it out against a fellow striker in what is expected to be his swan song under the Zuffa banner. And, despite his past problems with management, Jackson even thought he’d gotten what he wanted in the form of Brazilian bomber Glover Teixeira.

However, “Rampage” has recently seen some evidence that Teixeira is actually looking to employ grappling in their bout on Saturday night at UFC on FOX 6 rather than go toe-to-toe as originally indicated. Jackson spoke about it in a recent conference call promoting the scrap, stating he’d lost a lot of respect for what he sees as a “cowardly” approach to fighting.

“He’s a guy who says he’s gonna knock me out, says he’s gonna stand with me, but he’s training on taking me down and fighting me on the ground. He’s just like the other guys I’ve fought. It sounds like they’re too cowardly to say exactly what they want to do and trying to get me to focus somewhere else, but I’m smarter than that now. I’ve pretty much found out from his pictures and stuff on the internet that he’s basically trying to wrestle me and take me down to the ground. So I kinda lost some respect for him. I used to respect him a lot as a fighter, but now I see his game plan, and it’s one of those things where you get disappointed in your opponent. But I’m looking forward to a good, exciting fight and I’m ready to go anywhere.”

“I used to respect Glover because I seen him fight and he throws them things and he’s aggressive and he comes at you. Then I saw his videos he’s putting out and he’s trying to hold me against the cage and wrassle me and take me down. I was really respecting him because I thought he was like a true fighter.”


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