The UFC on FOX 6: Johnson vs. Dodson media call takes place today, and will be giving you up-to-the-minute quotes from the participants. Most of the main card is scheduled to be on the call, including flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and top contender John Dodson, as well as stars like Donald Cerrone and Quinton Jackson.

UFC on FOX 6 Takes place January 26 in Chicago and will be broadcast on FOX TV.


Demetrious Johnson

-No added pressure, the fight is just a fight. I'm not adding extra pressure.

-I just need to go in there and do my thing, and 'fight my fight.

-How they promote it, it doesn't matter to me.

-I don't think about my legacy, I just hope one day I'm regarded as a great flyweight.

John Dodson

-It's awesome, not many people can say they can main event a card this soon in their career.

-I'm looking for the double-bonus. This will be a showcase for the flyweights.

-I have to make sure I can close the distance, and fight on the inside.

-I don't care if the fans boo, I'm going to go out and be exciting. Tha'ts what matters to me.

-I think the UFC is doing a great job promoting the lightweight divisions.

-I just want my hand raised at the end.

Quinton Rampage Jackson

-I did my training in England, it was easier for me as a whole and my camp.

-Glover is a guy who says he is going to stand and trade with me, but I think it will be like all the other guys I fought. I think this will be him taking me down.

-I want to get this fight out of the way, and enjoy being a free agent.

-My reasons for leaving the UFC are still the same. I'm sponsored by Reebok now, but I can't wear it to the cage. I don't want to renegotiate with the UFC.  I feel like they are all getting rich off us.

-The UFC turned me into a very negative person. I'm getting rid of all the negative people out of my life. I want the UFC to be in my past.

-People didnt want to fight Glover because no one knows who he is. That's dangerous.

-I think I will be having more fun once I leave the UFC. I think  I have a few years left in me.

-I've never tried boxing, I've fought everything else, but I never tried boxing.

Glover Teixeira

-I'm ready for my fight.

-Maldanado is tough, he landed that shot. He surprised me a bit, and I kept my composure.

-I'm not thinking about Jon Jones or a title shot. I'm just training very hard, and try and to get people to know me.

-Liddell has always helped me with my camps, and he is a great coach. He helps me a lot.

Anthony Pettis

-I feel right, I feel ready, I'm feeling good.

-I think everything happens for a reason, I have no regrets about fighting, and not waiting.

-I'm not worried about title shots right now.

-I'm frustrated, it took a while to recover. I'm ready to fight when ever. I couldn't because I was injured. It was frustrating. People know I'm flashy, but he has to try and stop it.

-A year off is a long time, Cowboy fought six times, I have a lot to prove in this fight.

Donald Cerrone

-He has held that belt for a while, but I think one of us deserve this fight. But it's not up to us.

-I think this fight will be exactly what everyone is expecting. It should be fun.

-Wake boarding is something I do for fun. It won't be interfering with my training.

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