What an interesting journey it’s been for Jacob Volkmann. Volkmann debuted in the ufc at an impressive 9-0, but went on to lose back-to-back fights. With his job most likely on the line, Volkmann’s third UFC fight saw him debut at Lightweight and finally get the all-important W inside the Octagon. Volkmann is currently on a three-fight win-streak, but nowadays he’s far more known for the post-fight interview he gave where he said he wanted to fight President Barack Obama. After an avalanche of controversy and media appearances, Volkmann recently gave some interesting comments on the situation. Here’s the latest.

In a new interview with MMA Weekly, Volkmann shared the following sentiments: “There’s too many people that are too sensitive out there”¦ I guess you’re definitely not supposed to have an opinion about certain policies that effect you”¦ Last I checked we’re not in the Soviet Union”¦ I talked to Monte (Cox) and Monte talked to the UFC and Joe Silva, and he said they’re not upset about it. They’re with me on this one.”

For any who haven’t kept up-to-date with the scandal, Volkmann semi-jokingly called out Obama in a post-fight interview following his victory over Antonio McKee at UFC 125. Volkmann is a licensed chiropractor and took issue with Obama’s health care overhaul, popularly known as “Obamacare”. The resulting scandal led to Volkmann being visited by the Secret Service, as well as appearances on several national television shows. The general attitude in the MMA community, however, seems to be far more lukewarm.

In all honesty, I count myself among the many that just can’t understand why people are making such a big deal out of this. Volkmann was obviously joking when he said he wanted to fight Obama, and while the joke was certainly unfunny and probably uncalled for, it’s hardly scandalous. Having viewed the interview, I can safely say that it seemed like Volkmann’s challenge was nothing more than a spur-of-the-moment lapse in judgment brought on by the adrenaline rush a big victory brings.

It’s not like Volkmann is a malicious person, or a bad human being. If I had to be perfectly honest, Volkmann pretty much flew under my radar before this scandal broke out. While some may think of that as a negative, I think that can also be a positive: Volkmann never really made any sort of impact on me before this scandal, but if you asked me outright what I thought of the man, I’d say that I respected him as a talented performer that’s displayed some good skill in the Octagon.

I don’t mean to inspire some grand political argument, but I do think that people are being a bit too uptight about the matter. I do think a visit from the Secret Service was justified, though. Ultimately, every threat must be examined and nothing can be left up to chance, no matter how aloof or improbable a threat seems. But it really should have stopped there.

Volkmann is entitled to his opinion, and he’s dealt with the consequences of his actions. It honestly feels as if this media frenzy has been built around him simply because competing television networks want to push their agendas and will latch on to any halfway-interesting story or borderline-celebrity that even briefly appears on the public radar. I may not agree with Volkmann, but ultimately, he gets a pass from me. I’m more than ready for this entire bizarre little episode to be put to rest.

And what about you, fans and friends? What’s your opinion on Jacob Volkmann?

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