Now that it’s been officially announced that Georges St. Pierre will defend his ufc Welterweight Championship against former EliteXC and Strikeforce Champion Jake Shields, many fans and insiders are assuming two things. The first is that GSP will beat Shields, and the second is that GSP will finally move up to Middleweight once he does. But hold that thought: Dong Hyun Kim, the “Stun Gun” which put a halt to Nate Diaz’s resurgent UFC career at UFC 125, has other plans. In a new interview, Kim recently said that beating Diaz gave him the confidence necessary to both call out GSP and know that he can be the one to finally end the long-reigning champion’s multi-year unbeaten streak.

For those of you who don’t remember or may not have seen UFC 125, Kim’s first words following his Unanimous Decision victory over Diaz was “My name is Stun Gun and I want GSP”. And in a new interview first seen on MMA Junkie, “Stun Gun” shared the following sentiments: “I can take [St-Pierre] down”¦ GSP takes other fighters down and ground and pounds. I want to do that to GSP”¦ This is it for me. I'm trying to become better every fight. It's tough to fight fighters from the UFC because everybody is so good. I'm just trying to become better.”

I hate to come down so harshly on a UFC performer, but “Stun Gun” showed me nothing in the Diaz fight that would lead me to believe that he holds a candle to GSP. Diaz consistently got the better of Kim when the two stood up, leaving Kim with basically no other option than to take Diaz down. And both Diaz brothers, especially Nate, have always suffered from poor takedown defense. They basically let themselves get taken down because they’re so confident in their ground game, since they train with Cesar Gracie. And on the ground, Diaz was constantly hunting for submissions. Kim did little more than hold Diaz in place and fend off submission attempts.

As an MMA fan first and foremost, I was outright unimpressed with Kim’s performance at UFC 125. His stand-up isn’t anything to write home about, and he looked downright afraid to stand with a striker the caliber of Nate Diaz. His inactive, holding-in-position ground game also helped turn the fight into an almost-boring encounter. This was a tough loss for Nate Diaz, of that there can be no doubt. But Kim is blowing the win out of proportion.

“Stun Gun” barely squeaked by Nate Diaz, and GSP is miles above both Diaz and basically all the other 170-pounders in the UFC’s Welterweight division. GSP is perhaps the most complete MMA fighter of all time, and Kim simply doesn’t have any of the tools necessary to beat him. He’s got dominant takedown ability, but it pales in comparison to GSP’s. He’s got a decent striking game, but GSP can jab you for five rounds and still leave your face a badly-bruised, broken mess. Kim is simply digging his own grave if he continues to call out GSP.

But what about you, fans and friends? What’s your opinion on “Stun Gun”? And do you think he would be a worthy challenger to GSP?

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