Jacob Volkmann confirms UFC title-shots go to those who finish fights

With five straight wins including one last night over Ultimate Fighter 8 winner Efrain Escudero you would think Jacob Volkmann might be in contention for a title-shot let alone a spot on the main card or in a co-headliner. However, all of his victories have come by decision including two of the “split” variety, and as it turns out the UFC brass prefers stoppages to scorecards.

Volkmann elaborated on the situation after his outpointing of Escudero, a one-sided affair dictated by Volkmann’s grappling prowess throughout minus one near-submission attempt from the returning TUFer towards the end.

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“In the back room, when Dana White talks to us … He goes ‘Donald Cerrone, the only reason he gets his chance is because he finishes fights. You other guys, you need to learn how to finish fights, or you won’t get a chance’. I felt like that was aimed right at me,” said Volkmann to MMAFighting before reflecting, “It is. I’m not finishing fights.”

The 14-2 Volkmann has picked up half of his total wins by decision and hasn’t finished an opponent since May 2009. However, after the 31-year old’s latest post-fight comments directed at President Barack Obama he may have more to worry about than putting his adversaries away.

Volkmann, who had already been visited by U.S. Secret Service regarding a previous statement about Obama, insinuated the President had his head up his ass after initially calling out lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. When the joke flopped, receiving a chorus of boos and playful contempt from interviewer Joe Rogan, it apparently didn’t sit well with Volkmann.

“I thought Joe Rogan would laugh a little more. He kind of ruined it for me … He ruined it. I wanted to punch him in the nuts … I think he’s a Democrat even though I know he’s not.”