Frank Shamrock nixes notion of comeback, future-fight with brother Ken Shamrock

Though the MMA-focused film Warrior was recently released on DVD/Blu Ray, the film wasn’t the first time an attempted brother vs. brother storyline was floated about in relation to the sport. recently had a chance to catch up with MMA legend Frank Shamrock who spoke about a reality show idea that he and brother Ken Shamrock had committed to years ago, as well as where the idea was at now that he’d retired from fighting and whether or not the release of the film’s fictional storyline struck a chord with him

The Official Trailer for “Warrior”

“Ken and I signed up for this several years ago, and circumstances just haven’t fallen into place,” Shamrock began. “Prior to me actually retiring from fighting, that was one of the last fights I wanted to do – to fight Ken and use the opportunity to tell the story of our lives.”

Things have changed, however, as have his wishes for the series.

“I got older and I retired,” Shamrock joked when asked about whether or not he’d still participate in a similar show. “I’ve got probably ten to a dozen phone calls over the past year or so, and in particular since the movie Warrior came out, because Gavin O’Connor was a big fan of MMA and sort of weaved all of the stories of MMA into the movie. At the center, of course, was the brother vs. brother angle.”

“I do want to tell the story of the Shamrocks,” Shamrock continued. “Besides helping pioneer the sport, we both came from broken homes and both were found success and an exceptional life through MMA. I think it’s a really good story for youth and martial arts in general. There’s not enough good ideas and stories for our sport right now.”

He added that interest in the reality series (both from him and distributors) still exists. However, the original desire to fight his brother at the end is no longer there.

“I’m not thinking about fighting. It would be weird now because I don’t want to fight anybody.” Shamrock stated. “I don’t think the fight’s necessary, and I just think that us in the public and us as a community supporting the sport that we’re so used to resolving things by fighting. There’s got to be another way out of it.”

Shamrock did not mention when the series would be done, or whether there was already a distribution plan in place, but remained confident that fans would see the story of the Shamrock brothers told to you some time soon.

“I think there’s a high probability we’ll get the show done, but I just don’t want to fight. I don’t even want to fight with my wife,” Shamrock playfully added. “And, you know, it’s just time to move on with my life.”