Nate Diaz: “He better knock me out or pull out one of those funny judges’ decisions…”

Heavyweights Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem might be the stars of Friday night’s UFC 141 lineup but the co-headlining clash between Nate Diaz-Donald Cerrone has far more potential to entertain given the style and skill-set each lightweight possesses as well as their fearless approach to fighting.

Cerrone has already come out swinging at Diaz even though the two don’t actually face off for a few more days, expressing his rage over an encounter earlier this year and stating his belief he can out-strike Diaz come showtime. The Stockton scrapper has since had an opportunity to respond, welcoming Cerrone’s challenge in the recent UFC 141 Countdown special.

Cerrone Recalls Rude Run-In with Diaz

“He can build himself up and say whatever he wants, think what he wants, but I’m working hard too, man, and I’ve got good guys to train with,” began Diaz when asked to address Cerrone’s claims. “I don’t see him knocking out that many people. Dennis Siver is like 5’5”. What the hell?”

“I train enough everywhere to feel comfortable everywhere,” he continued. “I think I’m better than him everywhere, honestly…He better knock me out or pull out one of those funny judges’ decisions because if not he’s gonna be in trouble.”

The PPV portion of UFC 141 featuring Diaz-Cerrone starts at 10:00 PM EST with preliminary action on Spike TV/Facebook kicking off things a few hours earlier.

Check out the full Diaz vs. Cerrone portion of the Countdown below: