Chael Sonnen: “(Marquez) miraculously went through puberty a second time at 39 years old.”

The always outspoken Chael Sonnen will give you the proverbial ‘Both Barrels’ when you ask him his opinion on something, and you should never expect him to sugar coat anything. Sonnen was recently asked what he thought of the stunning knockout Juan Manuel Marquez earned over Manny Pacquiao, and despite the fact that Marquez passed all post fight drug tests, Sonnen believes fans were watching an enhanced fighter.

Sonnen told Jim Rome:

“Pacquiao got hit by a guy who miraculously went through puberty a second time at 39 years old. He got hit by a guy that showed up with more power at 39 than he had in any of the previous fights. He had a 6 pack that he never had before. There’s two tests that you have, Jim. You’ve got the pee test, but you’ve also got the visual test. When you take your robe off and you get in the ring that’s your first test. And to act as if all of us didn’t go, ‘Something’s going on there.’ No, I haven’t said that (he’s on PEDs), but I sure came close, didn’t I? I know that Freddy Roach did. I know Freddy Roach said, ‘If that body’s clean, I kiss your ass.’ But you gotta understand, all substances aren’t illegal. Did he take something? Sure, he did. Did he take something illegal? Well, according to the test, no. I just know you don’t go through puberty twice and I’ll leave it at that.”

Does Chael Sonnen have a point? He is not the first person to make the allegation, but its important to remember Sonnen has had a history with performance enhancing drugs himself. After Sonnen was defeated by Anderson Silva the first time, he tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Photo Credit: UFC