Ronda Rousey Down to Coach on the Ultimate Fighter

It didn’t take long for bantamweight star Ronda Rousey to break down gender barriers by becoming one of the biggest stars in MMA less than two years after making her professional debut and inking a deal with the UFC to become the promotion’s first female champion. Rousey will defend her newly-minted title in February and, if successful, will move on to another main event.

Of course, Rousey has never been one to set limits, as she appears to also be interested in serving as a head coach on the Ultimate Fighter

“I’d love going on TUF. It would be very interesting, whether we would coach guys or girls. It would be really good for people to see a woman in the position of coaching the men and the men respecting the women. That would be very positive.

“If it was all women, I think it would be hilarious if Dana [White] had to deal with the girls having ‘girl issues.’ You know, if someone was like ‘I can’t fight, I have cramps!’ and see him lose his mind. He would lose his mind if he had to deal with girl stuff, I don’t doubt that some issues would come up. So just for my own personal amusement, I think it would be really funny. But I also think all guys would be really fun, extremely positive. I’m open to anything.”