UFC 155 Media Call Highlights (LIVE Updates at 2 EST)

The ceremonial conference call takes place this afternoon for the UFC 155. The annual New Years fight card will feature the second foray between current champion Junior dos Santos and former UFC champion Cain Velasquez, and both will be on the call to answer the  media’s questions. Fighters.com will be bring you live  updates during the call at 2pm EST.





Heavyweight  Champion Junior dos Santos:

-I learned things  in the first fight. I enjoyed a good moment and won the fight, and yes I learned some things in the fight.

-We were both injured, and during the fight he kicked me 7 times in one minute. I am not  upset at people thinking I didn’t beat the best Cain.

-Yeah  I would  like to fight in Brazil. I don’t  care really where I fight, but It would be great to fight  in front of my country.

-Everyone  knows my game plan, and I plan on a different Cain. My game plan is the same.  I am very prepared and ready to win.

- I think the first  fight was very fast, but I learned t hings from it. I think this  one  will be longer because that fight was  just one  minute.

-I am a very confident guy, and its part  of my strengths. I will do my best to follow my strategy and every fight is different.

-For this  fight I am feeling less pressure.  I got hurt 10 days  out, so I  feel less pressure for this fight. I don’t mind the  pressure. Its where I want to be, in the main event of the big show.

-If  he is able to hold  me  down, Yes, I think I am ready to use my BJJ.

-He  is a professional. I respect  him a lot as a professional I know how hard this guy trains, and so I made this  my best  camp ever. I am very well prepared to fight him again.

-At  this point he deserves the fight, He is the number 2. My motivation comes from my family and all the  things I will leave.

-I prefer  to fight against clean athletes and real professionals. that’s a good challenge. The other  guys just say things, and there is guys like ‘him’ or made in the lab. We were made in the gym.

-Velasquez is an excellent wrestler. That’s why I think the fight will be longer.  I have to be careful with that, and use  everything I trained to win this. I am very confident I will win this. I think I will ko him again.

-My hard work and faith is how I got to where I am.

-you never know whats going to happen  in MMA, especially in the heavyweight division. There  is so much power behind the punches.

-I have no injuries, I feel great and I am 100%

-I don’t choose opponents. I am thinking about this fight, and  not after.

-I think  Bigfoot Silva will win. he is more complete than Overeem.


Challenger Cain Velasquez:

-I stayed in the fight because im a fighter. JDS was hurt too, but I dont think it was the best decision for me. It’s in the past.

-I think the media is less for this fight than the last  one. Media is a part of a job.

-I know  how he fights. I need to fight my style of fight, and I should win.

-I am very respectful of him, bth inside  and outside the cage.

-Junior is quick, and timed it perfectly.

-I only got into  this  sport to become champion, and  that’s all I am thinking about.

-I am confident Cormier can make to light  heavyweight, he said If  I win the title  he would drop down.


Photo  Credit: UFC/Zuffa LLC