Alessio Sakara-Patrick Cote Scratched from UFC 158

When the dust settled after  the UFC 154 match between Patrick Cote and Alessio Sakara, Sakara was disqualified for illegal strikes and Cote was awarded the win. Sakara felt he was landing legal shots while others felt the ref in the rumble never gave him adequate warning for punches to the back of the head.

The rematch between the two fighters was scheduled for UFC 158, but now that fight has been scratched from the card.

Sakara told Fighters Only:

“I’ve seen spreading news about the rematch with Cote. I wanted this fight so badly… I cannot fight because of my kidneys. Three days ago I got some test results and the doctor (Nephrologist; kidney specialist) has ordered that I stop everything for three months because of the renal (kidney) stress. Right now my manager is getting the date moved [for the rematch]. I’ll be more motivated with the nutritionist to never again risk my health any more.”

Photo Credit: MMAFighting